21 DAYS OF PRAYER: August 5 - 26

We believe prayer can do anything God can do.

21 Days of Prayer

Thanks for taking a step to be a part of 21 Days of Prayer. We believe prayer can do anything God can do. Fill out the short form below let us know how we can be praying for you this month!


August 15th: Joint Prayer Service

We believe prayer can do anything God can do, and that when we seek Him doors open to experience the impossible in our lives. On Wednesday night, August 15th, we will be joining together with Calvary Temple in South Philadelphia for a joint prayer service at 7 pm. City Life Worship will be leading us into God’s Presence, and we will have the opportunity to pray for our churches, our city, and one another. Come get a spiritual boost in the middle of the week and let’s see what God will do!

August 29th: Encounter

Encounter is a night with one simple purpose: to worship God and encounter His presence. On August 29 at 7pm, we will be enjoying a unique experience with God together as a church family, led by members of our City Life Worship band. Get ready to encounter God in a brand new way!